"It's been a long road..."

"It's been a long road..."

I grew up a huge Star Trek fan, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation since its debut in 1987. I continued on with Deep Space Nine and later the early seasons of Star Trek Voyager. In 1997, I went off to college, and at that point life somewhat intervened. For various reasons, I fell off with my weekly watching of both DS9 and Voyager, but I tried to catch episodes when I could.


During the build-up to Star Trek: Enterprise, I was very excited. The idea of setting a story in the early days of Starfleet really intrigued me. The things that people took for granted in the 24th century, and even in the days of Captain Kirk and the original USS Enterprise, would present unique challenges to this new crew. And the crew was going to be commanded by Scott Bakula, whom I grew up watching on Quantum Leap!

So I made a point to sit down and watch the debut episode “Broken Bow” when it aired. And for the most part, I remember really liking it. Sure there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way—the rather gratuitous decontamination gel scene, and what was up with that theme song?—but all in all it was a very entertaining first episode.


And then…I’m not sure what happened really. I had just started graduate school in a brand new city (New York City nonetheless), which added a whole new dimension to what I knew of as “busy.” I would catch an episode here and there, but it just wasn’t clicking for me.

I honestly don’t remember much about those initial viewings aside from a sense that the creators seemed to be playing much more a, well, 13-year-old boy audience for the lack of a better term. The decon scene gave way to a moment where Captain Archer ended up with a face full of T’Pol’s breasts…ugh.

Speaking of T’Pol, clearly the creators were taking the Seven of Nine approach to her wardrobe and overall look. In any event, I lost interest and with my life being as busy as it was, it was easy to take Enterprise off the list of activities that I wanted to fill the few precious free hours I had, and I never really went back to start over from the beginning.

So I’m finally fixing that Enterprise-shaped gap in my Trek fandom.

Every so often, I’ll post updates on my thoughts so far. Given when I tend to watch (late at night), I don’t expect to give episode-by-episode recaps. Instead, I’ll write up some thoughts on the show as a whole with occasional impressions of episodes.

I’m really looking forward to finally finishing up the last bit of unwatched Trek in my life (at least until all the new stuff comes out!). You could say that my time is finally here…